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Two Rivers Aikikai

2950 SE Belmont Street

Portland, OR 97214

Equity is Ki

Practicing non-Violence is a Way of Life

Silence is Violence - Black Lives Matter

Take a Stand against Police Brutality and Systemic Racism

Please Join Us!

Develop your Peaceful Spirit

through Aikido and Iaido

Make a Difference in Your Life

and the Lives of Others

Two Rivers Aikikai is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing adults and children with the opportunity to develop strong, healthy bodies and powerful spirits of equity through the practice of Aikido and Iaido in Portland, Oregon. Two Rivers Aikikai admits students ages 6 and above of any race, color, gender identity, sexual orientation and economic status.

Aikido is the only effective method of self defense that does not use violent action in response to violent confrontation. Aikido will help develop within your self the power of compassionate, cooperative and peaceful methods in de-escalating and resolving conflict.

Iaido is being in the moment while drawing and cutting with a Japanese sword. Iaido is a challenging individual practice of mindfulness and precise bodily movements.

Two Rivers Aikikai will close as of Wednesday November 18, 2020 to comply with Governor Kate Brown's "Freeze" of random businesses in Multnomah County for 4 weeks. We realize that Gov. Brown is being challenged by political factions, but she is not the enemy, the virus is the enemy. All of us must take the needed steps to control COVID, not just some of us. The half way measures of this freeze have not worked for the past 10 months and they will not work in the next 4 weeks. Until the people of Oregon and the nation as a whole work together to fight COVID, the virus will ravage us as it has since February. If schools, fitness centers and restaurants must close, why not shopping malls, college and professional sports and churches? Repeating failed responses to the virus due to political pressure is pointless. We encourage everyone to wear a mask when out in public, to wash their hands often and maintain a safe distance. Please don't take chances. With 11 million cases of COVID in the US and 250,000 deaths, this is not a time to party.

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Two Rivers Aikikai is a 501(c)(3) federal non-profit organization that admits students of any race, color, age, gender identity,
sexual orientation and economic status to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities that are available to all members.