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Aikido Glossary of Etiquette


Reigisaho: Rules of Etiquette. The way to show respect and appreciation to O Sensei, your instructors, your partners, the dojo and especially to your self.

Rei: The proper way to bow. There are many variations of kneeling bows. It seems that the basic rule states that we should have one way to bow to O Sensei and a different way to bow to everyone else.

O Sensei Seiza: The formal kneeling position taken by students when bowing or observing the instructor during class.

O Sensei: Great Teacher. The O Sensei of Aikido is Morehei Ueshiba who founded Aikido in the 1940's.

Aikikai: The World Headquarters of Aikido in Japan or the name of any Aikido school which is recognized by the World Headquarters of Aikido.

Doshu: The leader of the World Headquarters of Aikido. The original Doshu was Morehei Ueshiba, O Sensei.The second Doshu was O Sensei's son, Kissomaru Ueshiba. The current and third Doshu is Moriteru Ueshiba, O Sensei's grandson.

Sensei: Teacher or Instructor.

Sempai: One's senior students.

Dojo: The place in which we practice trying to find the Way through a martial art.

Kamiza: An alcove with a sacred shrine. Kami are the gods or deities of the Shinto religion. (See Tokonoma.)

Tokonoma: The alcove where O Sensei's picture is hanging in the front of the dojo. If there is also a shrine for the Kami in the alcove, it is called a Kamiza.

Tokonoma at Two RIvers Aikikai
Claude Berthiaume Sensei demonstrates a cut in Iaido
in front of the tokonoma at our dojo.

Kakejuku: The scroll with Japaese calligraphy in the Tokonoma.

Katanakake: The sword stand in the Tokonoma. The longer weapon goes on top.

Hana: A flower arrangement in the Tokonoma or Kamiza.

Dogi: The uniform you wear when you practice a martial art in the dojo. The Dogi conists of pants, jacket and belt (obi). The left side of the jacket is always outside the right side. You must treat your dogi with respect. Keep it clean. If it should come open during class, turn away from the Tokonoma, close your dogi and retie your belt snugly.

Obi: Your belt. Generally in Aikido, there are only white belts for kyu ranks and black belts for dan ranks with different levels of each.

Hakama: The pleated skirt worn by students of Aikido who have achieved dan levels of practice. The Hakama is always folded carefully after practice.

Onegaeshimasu: "Please do me a favor and let me have the honor to practice with you". This is said when you first bow to instructors and partners.

Doozo: Please or if you please.

Domo Arigato Gozaimashita: Thank you very much.

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