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Events and Seminars at Two Rivers Aikikai

Dojo Events

Service Days

Two or three times a year, members of Two Rivers Aikikai plan a day of service at local non profits to support our community.

We suspend classes for the Service Day in order to devote our energy to helping our sister non profit organizations.

Last year's Service Day ( just before the pandemic ) was on Saturday January 18, 2020 from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. at the Oregon Food Bank This was our third time volunteering at OFB. As you can see in the accompanying photo, we bagged red onions into small family size bags. Twenty two members of the dojo participated this time. There were 89 total volunteers at OFB that morning and we repackaged 14,265 lbs of onions. It was a fun and worthwhile endeavor for the MLK Holiday weekend.

On previous service days, we have volunteered at Zenger Farm to remove weeds and invasive plants. Zenger Farm is a non-profit, working urban farm that models, promotes and educates about sustainable food systems, environmenal stewardship, community development and access to good food for all. Click here to visit their website.

Service Day at OFB

What are Seminars?

Seminars are intensive training workshops that are one, two or three days long and usually take place over a weekend. Two Rivers Aikikai hosts Aikido and Iaido Seminars twice a year in the Spring and Fall. We will choose instructors who have had an impact on our training over the years, from near and far. We encourage our students to participate in seminars at Two Rivers Aikikai and at other dojos where they can practice a variety of styles and strengthen their foundations. Seminars offer all of us a way to keep up to date with the changes taking place in Aikido and Iaido as they evolve.

Upcoming Seminars

The Annual Portland Friendship Seminar

The next Friendship Seminar will be at Portland Aikikai with date to be determined.

Past Seminars

The 2019 Portland Friendship Seminar was hosted by Two Rivers Aikikai on Saturday, April 6, 2019. The seminar raised $900 in donations to the Q Center, a Portland Based non-profit providing resources and programs for Portland's LGBTQ Community.

On March 18, 2006, Two Rivers Aikikai hosted the First Annual Portland Friendship Seminar and donated 398 pounds of food for the Oregon Food Bank! Close to 80 members of Aikido dojos in the Portland area practiced together at Two Rivers Aikikai on that Saturday afternoon as a benefit for the Oregon Food Bank. Seven different instructors taught 30 minute segments over the course of the afternoon. In lieu of seminar fees, participants brought 398 pounds of food and $301 in cash donations for OFB. The wonderful atmosphere and enthusiastic energy on the mat all afternoon attested to the spirit of Aikido in Portland dojos. The members of Two Rivers Aikikai appreciate the contributions everyone brought to our dojo. We look forward to seeing you on the mat again soon!

E-mail Two Rivers Aikikai: info@2rivers.org

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